Dating monue fishing reels

dating monue fishing reels

Questions and answers about antique fishing reels. The precise dating of such models is often difficult without knowledge of various structural details.
Dating chart for finding the manufacturing year for Shakespeare Fishing tackle. For reels, the model number, which is a two letter code, is the first year a reel.
Shimano Fishing Reels are known for their precision engineering and machining. To date IGFA Records have been caught using Shimano Rods and Shimano . When big money tournaments are on the line, fish with only the best.

Dating monue fishing reels flying

Thanks, Robert from Hungary. This my second attempt to provide contact info. The Options MasterCard does not have an annual fee. A lightweight, dependable, lever drag reel, with a level wind for line. I plan to start contributing commentary on various models after the holiday madness is over. But there are plenty of other possible reasons for the. Upon cranking the handle, the pickup pin immediately re-engages the line and re-spools it onto the reel. These fees will not increase your purchase price,.

dating monue fishing reels

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  • Dating monue fishing reels