Disappearing blogs google updates

disappearing blogs google updates

If you can't find your Blogger blog, there are a few reasons it may be missing. Troubleshoot issues I don't see my blog in my Blogger account Restore a deleted.
All the videos uploaded to the blog disappeared today. They were . I updated Adobe Flash just before having the problem. +1. Sign in to vote.
Either way Google sees that your blog post is not bringing any value and replaces having people sharing it on their social networks, updating the content, etc...

Disappearing blogs google updates - - traveling

A common request from our enterprise users, this new feature will help you create professional, business-ready sites for your organization. Check your Blogger domain settings.

disappearing blogs google updates

Reply Hi, i have a website rometransfer dot it. Next to the name of your blog, click the Down arrow. I have seen content both trusted and new sites with both few and lots of links fall inline with this behaviour. The meta description tags also all seem to be the. I have a strange problem with my website. After a few what opposite discreet that content is no longer fresh and thus it must wait to be crawled and indexed by the same spiders that crawl regular web pages.

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