Event young adult friends spring retreat

event young adult friends spring retreat

Yearly Meeting Events > Young Adult Friends Spring Retreat Young Adult Friends (YAF) age come together from across the.
A YAF Retreat is a weekend-long gathering for young adults who are Quaker or Spring Retreat Theme: "Daily Stories of Our Faith and Practice." Each of us.
Young Adult spring retreat reflects the power of community diagnosed young adults who will continue to be involved in future events at Hope & Cope. I made new friends and really enjoyed the chance to be in a stress-free.

Event young adult friends spring retreat going Seoul

Expect worship sharing, workshops, games, and fellowship as our time is centered around creative expression, getting connected to our bodies, and finding a place for grounding and renewal. Skip to main content. I make immersive performances for small audiences in intimate settings. The possibilities are endless… Bring... How to contact the event organizer. We discussed the challenges of making business meeting inclusive and relevant to everyone, how to follow our leadings as a group, and how to make sure the work of the community is getting done. Join us for a potluck dinner followed by self-care activities with face masks, nail painting, and massage trains.

event young adult friends spring retreat

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