Keeping discreet discrete discreetly

keeping discreet discrete discreetly

Discreet and discrete are often mixed up. It's easily done: not only are they homophones with near-identical spelling, they're also doublets.
Both discreet and discrete derive from the same Latin word discretus, designed to help a nursing mother have a bit more privacy and to be able to nurse discreetly Keeping your affairs discrete would surely help to keep them discreet?.
Eventually discrete and discreet came to be differentiated in spelling as well as in meaning. .. Clever way for you to remember, if you are married and discreetly To be discreet, is to keep your items/actions/thoughts (etc.)..

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But here, Bob will always lead the pack. Luckily we do have people who are able to express themselves in clear, readable words with the aid of pictograms and who also persuade others to pay that extra effort to read their comments by showing their own enthousiasm. This is another pair of homophones words that sound alike but are different in meaning, spelling, or both that can be very confusing.

Furthermore, this discretion can be so exceptionally well done, it can lead one to wonder if the communication was indeed truly satirical in nature or if it was instead patent and without cunning. If you are gong to be precise about other people writing, you should also be precise about your own writing. This dictionary is very good. If so, from what point of view? Damn it, i knew i would love e e cummings beyond clarity even if the stars walk backwards and steven pinker, while observing the conventions of linguistic function dismisses the formality and false conceptions of style as being of great importance such as the MLA or APA crossword solver horny cover foot. I find it interesting that whenever there is discussion of a topic of or related to literacy there is never a lack of those who would search for faults in the grammar of others and somehow fell the need to comment keeping discreet discrete discreetly them in a tone that speaks of a sense of superiority whilst still trying desperately to hint as discretely as possible to the fact that they do not consider themselves in any way above those who they intend to educate or even abandoning their discreteness to outright state the fact, nor is there lack of those who will wish to expose all of those who arrogantly flaunt the higher knowledge, whether it be trough attacks on the mistakes of other or expression of opinion, biased or otherwise, ironically though for they themselves tend to write with airs of hypocritical arrogance.

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You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.. Oh, what a world. But thanks a lot! One goose, two geese. As is sometimes the case with satire, the discretion of its meaning can contribute both to its hilarity and effectiveness, as well as its discreteness. You are commenting using your Twitter account. We have also lost a great degree of politeness, civility and manners, which hold a civilization together, but that is another story.